Class Blog for Malay 1 Sem 2-2008/09

Dear All

Welcome to LAM 1201!

Previous entries are interactivity of the same course a semester ago.

This entries onward marks the beginning of the class blog for LAM 1201 Sem 2 2008/09, in which you will find:

1. Tutorial questions
2. Information pertaining to oral and project making
3. Reflection on lecture and interesting questions from students

The bulk of the LAM 1201 lectures will be found in IVLE. 

As the teaching and learning involves more than one Malay language instructors do not expect standardized pedagogy approaches.

However, all tutors will follow a standard curriculum from which they may add personal strength to the content.

This is to ensure a standard command of the content

Selamat Datang ke Blog ini.

Cikgu harap semua pelajar dapat belajar dengan baik.

Selamat berjumpa di kuliah pada hari Khamis 15 Jan 2008 di LT 14 pada pukul 4 petang.


Sekian, terima kasih.
Cikgu sew


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