1/3 Summary and Blog Babies

On my way to the bus stop yesterday I had to try my luck at Lenovo’s think lab and it allowed access: hence Work again!!!!!

I went back to the blog and am happy to announce my BLOG BABIES who have hit 10 ENTRIES: LLLUUUUVVVV MALAY Bloggers

These blog babies are:


Chiang Cher Siang ( who has been a true blue boggy)


Li NA (who blogged a lot after the first 9 evaluations on Fri. will look at them next week)


Priscilla (slow but steady)


Amelia (also like Li NA)


Wei See ( sudden spurt: watch Suddenly Susan?)


These people need not blog anymore if time does not permit but there is no stopping you from continue learning






Dear all


Finally I have covered the last 6 (+2 not updated + 1 missing in action)

The qualities are high too.  Each has its merit but Vicki and Kim are a tie.


Vicki’s translation of English story she read from a book sounds like the work of a real Malay author

Kim’s blog is a teacher’s dream as each entry is packed with learning, extra ideas and few error.

Rangini went all the way for a Malay-Indian song and her experience in MRT.

Shi Wen has interesting snippets on various occasions including Hari Kebangsaan.

Wei-Tse got her bonus marks as she found Zaharah’s remark as well as road signs.  Congrats.

Kavita found her Malay ‘blue kurung’ that she liked so much


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