Blogging Malay Literacy

Dear All


The second 9 blogs are done and I am very encouraged by all the new entries in each of the 9.

These groups seem to reach a spurt in Malay and all have interesting stuff.


There R too many good blogs to choose from and it is not an easy task to do

My favourite is Amelia’s whom many interesting learning reflections are shown.

Amelia’s entries have the full version of Children Day’s Song which Andrew mentioned in passing when he started blogging a month ago


Yuwen’s third entry is commendable as she chronicles her effort to understand malay picture book from NLB

So did Priscilla the only difference is Yuwen made no error and she had gone through the entire picture book

YingQi had an up close and personal experience with MRT signs and warning

So did Raymond who found Cookatoo song his favorite nursery rhyme in another entry

Andrew went back to NS memories and found local connection with his army days

Especially when one is binging alone on the bunk

Wei See had balanced work, learning and test well and made conjunctions her after dinner pastime

So did Cheryl who went all the way to play and mess with conjunctions in a long entry

Terri found her Malay solace from gazing at the Mosque while perfecting her blogging


You see it is not an enviable job to pick one from the 9 Malay blogs.

What seems like an endless chore for me became a funny, interesting, rewarding experience that made me want to pull out more blogs from the heap…perhaps later perhaps after a movie………. or no maybe blogs are more interesting……………


Salam, j


Dear All


I have done 9 blogs 2 have not updated

Jenny’s blog has the most entries

My favorite is Natalie a complete learning  recount.





I might be away tomorrow

Perhaps shall do another 9 later and the last bit on Sunday, Not sure


but I still have one more missing and if you look at your friends’ blogs

I bet you need longer time to reach the level of Malay command they are enjoying now,





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