Dear All

We learn that conjunctions are often left out in Malay conversation due to their lack of substantial meaning contribution although no less important in the appropriation and link of events.

We have problems with sejak dari and hingga ke which seem redundant but in actual fact are  correct because the combinations activate a point follow by the ongoing process; and capture the process towards the endpoint respectively.

With the understanding of conjuctions we can now use them in standard version of Malay in the so-called educated style.

Through out the week we have 2 questions which are reproduced in standard font and further answered in blue:

Q. 1 Saya ada sebuah satu soalan tentang penggunaan ‘ of being ‘ dalam ayat ini.


A fear of being touched > Sebuah takut untuk menjadi bersentuhan?

A fear = takut or ketakutan

Being touch = kena sentuh

A fear of being touched = Takut disentuh (a passive state of fear of an action: note being is passive)


*Bersentuhan = a verb involving two e.g. bercakap or bergaduh hence it becomes touching (between the two)

*Sebuah is incorrect because we cannot classify fear in quantity.

 Menjadi = becomes; not relevant



1)I would like to ask for the meaning of the following words: 

         i) kononnya (as if)

         ii)dikataan [said (passive)]

        iii)momotong cut : meN + potong


2) Why do we need to add ber to kurang to make it berkurang in the last second paragraph? What difference does it makes?

Kuramg = less (a state) berkurang = lessen (a process)


3) You used belukar to mean “field”. I wonder if “sawah” is a better word in this context as it means “paddy field”

 You confused me with Shahnon.  He used belukar so I translate as field like what you had in mind : paddy field



Lastly, I have gone through the first 9 blogs and there are three very interesting ones.  For the first 33.3% of the blogs, I choose Safar’s as my favourite.


Although this blog pales in term of quantity compared to Natalie and Cher Siang, Safar learns from news broadcast in Suria.  He typed straight into the blog upon hearing the news (speak about higher order) and then verified the words that he did not understand with a dictionary.   Unfortunately, Safar only blogged for the third time…so his marks are behind the frequent bloggers.


Terima kasih


Shall read more blogs later….













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