2/3 of success

Dear All


Finally I combed through the last 8 blogs. One is still missing with no URL sent to me.

I have to choose between Kavitha and Rangini and the latter show more creativity in creating an interview in Malay.  There was quite some corrections from me and one may visit the comment for grammar acquisition




She also made some sentences based on a picture.

Good learning effort but keep the work short too avoid mistakes.


Terima kasih


Quite sore because H-drive is under upgrading > CAN”T work  ….ERRRRgggggHHHH

I have done another 9 blogs, not all are updated though.

 My favourite for this batch is Yingqi’s blog




The blog has two or three entries but they are taken from news and Suria


The best part is she actually found the add although she did not clinch the bonus points because the add just passed her by.


HA HA HA she was left with the Mandarin version of keep a look out on me  > what a knock out,  si bu si?


Like the blogger, she had also recorded terms from a cooking programme and checked them up with the dictionary .



One learning point:


Many insert classifier after ramai (banyak, many) before a noun in the sentences:


This is not necessary because the many N is a mass reference that does not allow for enumerating one by one. 


We just perceive many men, women, boys, girls, books as a mass reference of things that do not perch up clearly one after another…


Hence after ramai is a noun and a formulae is  Ramai N# ( N = noun, # = strictly)




Although I could have checked things up at a library cos ours is closed for family day success, it is at times like these, your blogs of Malay learning, which seem chores at first, become precious substances


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