Summary etc

Dear All

1.1   ajak > ambil > mengambil


1.2   kawal > mengawal (to control)


1.3   panjat > memanjat (to climb)


1.4   Please identify the climbing of hill and mountain in Malay as it is different from panjat



From merawat (nurse), we learn that to care for the family it can be:


Jaga >  menjaga (to care)

Susu > menyusu (to breastfeed)



We learned how the sounds meshed when combined hence the changes in spelling


We learn the insertion of –nge when the base is a single syllable like pos (post)


We learn why a cat is not cat in Malay



Try these for more points:


Blog the Malay verse from Puan Zaharah with English gloss on “KEEP A LOOK OUT ON ME”



Suggest any imporvement for LAHUMA’s Translation




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