Summary 2

Dear All

We learn that bukan is a strictly yes-no reply when it is negative.

Any open question is open to yes-no and other replies.

When it is negative of a verb tidak is used

e.g. Dia tidak berlari in reply to

Dia berlari di sana?

When it is negative of a noun bukan is used

e.g. Dia bukan anak Ahmad

Dia anak Ahmad?

e.g. Ini/itu bukan beg saya.

[Beg sekolah] ini beg awak?


We also learn urus = manage

pengurusan = management as in  SMU

pengurus = manager

We know now:

How run becomes a jog

How talk becomes a chat

How stand becomes wake-up

How self becomes standing

Why many verbs stand alone

The functions of ber-

1. as an acompanying marker for two-person action

2. single act verbs e.g. berfikir, berdiri, berjalan

3. as noun converter into verbs

These are on top of many familiar Malay terms you have learned.




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