Criteria for Oral Presentation in Malay

Dear All

Please find the criteria for oral presentation:

Scale 5: Cemerlang

Scale 4: Menarik Scale 3:      Baik Scale 2:       Lulus Scale 1:     Belum Lulus
Malay ideas expressed clearly with good intonation   Audible Malay sentences expressing clear ideas    Audible Malay sentences yet unclear ideas   Audible Malay sounds yet in-comprehensible  Muffled
Selected words describing ideas in a variety of sentence patterns  Simple words to describe ideas in grammatical sentences Simple words in meaningful grammatical Malay sentences Wrong choice of words with incorrect phrases Ungrammatical sentences  resulting in mistaken messages   
Topic is illustrated intelligently with elaboration and humor or confidence     Topic is described with clear and accurate elaboration  Topic is divided into portions and presented accordingly   Express the topic with succinct Malay sentences Not sure what is the topic.
While managing the topic speakers highlight upcoming or previous ideas to re-orientate and manage the floor. Speakers manage the flow by referring to one another as they chart the course of the presentation  Speakers support each other with confidence to present the ideas  Speakers share the topic equally  Apologetic speakers for errors (verbal and sequence) 

The criteria are the basis in a scale of 5 to 1 for:






Terima kasih



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