I would like to enquire of what that is required of our blog. As in, is there any criteria or specific requirement for our blogs apart from the minimum 10 entries? Any specific content that it should contain cikgu?

Thanks for the question Anan

The Blog carries 20 marks or 10%

Ten entries are a minimum requirement.

This means each entry may have a range of 0.5 to 2.0 marks.

0.5 may be accorded to basic short Malay words in relation to lecture and tutorial entered with some errors

1.0 may be accorded to basic Malay phrases in relation to learning entered with no mistakes

1.5 may be provided to Malay phrases in relation to learning entered with generalised new understanding or external addition.

After learning that tukang sapu, juru wang and guru renang, one may generate tukang kayu as in carpenter, juru jual as in shop assistant or promoter and guru bahasa as in language teacherAny one of those is considered as a generalised understanding indicating the blogging is becoming an ecology of learning.

2.0 is what is mentioned for 1.5 and evidence of learning as a growth.  This means students may revisit the entries and make use of the tool in the blog.  You could cross on the text and make corrections, for example.  This means the blog need not be error free or a rehearsed platform.  We welcome mistake not ignorance. And we reward change for the better in foreign language education.

Nobody is perfect; perfecting everybody is capable.

Salam, terima kasih



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