Translated material (also updated in IVLE)

Salam Semua,

The material below is translated for ease of reference and discussions in tutorial as well as lecture.

This version allows for frequent reading and appreciation of a Malay text, which was nominated as a top ten novel in Sydney 40 years ago; and  translated in many languages including English (No Harvest but a Thorn) and French (Le Riz).

“Lahuma tidak beralih ke mana-mana.  Kedua-dua belah matanya tetap juga tertumpu kepada anak-anaknya yang berdebu itu.  Semek, anaknya yang tengah, bersungguh-sungguh memotong beberapa helai daun cenerai, hendak dibuat ikan agaknya.  Yang lain bising bercakap tentang nasi pasir yang kononnya dikatakan telah hangit kerana api tersangat kuat meskipun mereka sama-sama sedar bahawa di bawah periuk tempurung itu tidak ada pun api yang menyala

(Lahuma did not look any where.  His two eyes remained focus on his children, who were dusty.  Semek, his middle child, enthusiastically cut a few pieces of cenerai leaves, perhaps (he) wanted to make a fish.  The rest were noisy talking about the rice of sand which was assumed to be a little  burnt because the fire was very strong although they all knew that there was no fire burning under the coconut-shell pot) [my translation]


“Bila nak mula tanam semai di belukar?” ulang Jeha.  Lahuma tidak beralih ke mana-mana juga.  Anak-anaknya yang tujuh orang itu dihitung-hitung bagaikan kurang mengingat berapa jumlahnya.  Satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima, enam, tujuh.  Bapanya dulu mempunyai dua puluh relung.  Enam relung terlepas ke tangan Cina kerana jual janji.  Tinggal empat belas relung.  Dan mujur juga dia anak tunggal.  Empat belas relung bendang itu disapunya habis.

(“When want to start planting the seedlings in the field?” repeated Jeha.  Lahuma still did not look any where.  His seven children were counted again and again as though (he was) forgetting their number in total.  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.  His father had twenty relung (0.29 hectar or 1.5 acre).  Six relung went into the hands of a Chinese because of a selling promise.  Left with fourteen relung.  And it was fortunate that he was the only child.  Those fourteen relung of paddy were swept into posession.  [my translation])


Tapi kini bendang itu tetap juga empat belas relung.  Tidak berkurang dan tidak berlebih.  Seinci pun tidak lebih.  Anaknya tujuh orang.  Dua relung setiap orang.  Apa nak buat dengan dua relung itu?  Apa nak dibuat? 

(But now the paddy remained fourteen relung.  Nothing less and nothing more.  Not an inch more.  His children are seven.  Two relung each person.  What could be done with that two relung?  What could be done? [my translation])

Source: Shahnon Ahmad, Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan

ALAF 21, 2006:4


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