Welcome to Blogging LAM 1201

This blog is created especially for LAM 1201 whom I enjoy teaching:


Here are some words we learned as well as new items:

Juru = Specialist

Juru wang = cashier [specialist in money]

Juru terbang = pilot [specialist in flying]

Juru tera = engineer [specialist in machine]

Juru seni  bina = architecture

[specialist in building, or

arkitek due processing economy ]

Juru latih = trainer [specialist in training]


We also have guru = teacher or highly skillful person:


Guru tari = dance teacher

Guru renang = swimming instructor

Guru silat = martial arts teacher/guru

Guru besar = Principal [besar = big]

Guru Kanan = Senior Teacher [kanan = right]


In contrast to juru we have tukang

tukang = specialist let’s call it specialist 2:



Tukang sapu = cleaner

Tukang masak = cook

Tukang jahit = seamstress or tailor

Tukang emas = goldsmith

Tukang rumah = house builder or mason

Tukang besi = blacksmith


Notice that in learning about

juru, guru, and tukang:


1. you also acquire the following Malay terms in each profession


2. you understand that language is not a word-for-word system.


3. you understand transformation of cultural meaning in certain jobs


4. you can find other words with each category


5. you can understand the value of each job type a Malay speaker would prescribe in the past.


Terima Kasih

Jyh wee





















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