Thanks for blogging with Humour

Dear All

Jag uses Malay as the default language in his blog and finds everything writen in malay

Please keep the Malay version for a greater impact! 😛 

You will learn the joy of understanding the words or recognizing them when the time comes.


Please write a first entry and write some Malay words you know and some phrases you like to know in a language.  Revisit the phrases with a Malay mind every now and then to exercise the Malay power.



Hope you have acquired all these by now based on the lectures:


1. The Question Word

1.2 How to ask in Malay regarding a location, for a name, a time and a price.


2. The kinship terms

2.1 Know how to adress parents, sibbling, friends, uncle and auntie-like persons, real uncle and aunt


3. Introduce yourself in Malay

3.1 You should be able to inform about your name, faculty, phone no. address, favourite shop, book or thing.


4. Know how to use these markers

di, dari, ke, sebagai, pada etc.


5. Know these prefix-

ber- 1 and ber-2, pe-, and ke-…-an


6. Know very many specialist terms

juru-Y,   tukang X,    guru Z


7. Tell a four- to five-sentence narrative about somebody related or otherwise


8. Tell time and count the numbers to the million


9. Use classifiers such as buah, orang and setiap (every)


10.  How to journal your Malay blog with the design space you want; and edit or delete your posts.  ( I have done some editing in this post, those who read it earlier and again would notice)


You can always refer to IVLE or email me.

Terima kasih,




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